Finding Clients For Your Bookkeeping Business

Published: 07th January 2010
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Are you starting up, a bookkeeping business or beginning a freelance bookkeeping business? Finding your bookkeeping clients is much easier when you divide your advertising resources. You can find bookkeeping clients both online and offline.

Online Advertising

Here are a few ways that you can use the internet to find some great clients for your booking business:

1. Build Your Own Website
You can build your own website to find your freelance bookkeeping clients. However, there is more to the task than building a few pages and then sit back hoping others will find it. You have to drive targeted online traffic to your website.

2. Advertise on Existing Websites
One fast way to find clients is to advertise on existing websites of others. You may want to pay for advertising space or you may choose to use Google's pay-per-click feature.

3. Social Networking
Social networking seems to be the fastest and cheapest means of online advertising. For instance, there are FaceBook and Twitter, or you may join online community forums to find answers and advice. You may even be able to include a link advertising your freelance bookkeeping services in your user signature, check the terms of service before doing so.

Always remain the professional while doing this. You may not want to advertise your freelance bookkeeping services on FaceBook and then spend the rest of your day, bashing one of your existing clients, while playing mafia wars.

Keep in mind that anyone who finds your freelance bookkeeping services on FaceBook can easily spy on everything else you do on the site. Therefore, you should always keep your clients and your reputation in mind, while on such a site.

Offline Advertising

Even if you try advertising yourself online, don't forget to use traditional methods as well including:

1. Business Cards

Business cards are essential. They are available online at affordable prices. Determine where you will give out your business cards and the style of business card that best suits your freelance bookkeeping services.

2. Customize Your Own Brand or Logo

Paying to customize your own brand or logo is well worth it when it stands out above the competition. Anyone can customize a business card. However, will the card you customize be memorable or will it simply wind up in the trash bin?

Your money is well spent when you can customize the logo for you website, letterhead, envelopes, hand-out pens and other interesting gifts as well as brochures displaying your brand and so on.

3. Fliers

Consider printing fliers as well as business cards. Sure, many individuals simply throw them away; however, if you can attract a few new clients per printing, the service will pay for itself. Make a simple listing of the basic freelance bookkeeping services you provide and nothing overly complicated.

4. Door to Door

For most industries I would not recommend door to door advertising or sales. However, who does not require a bookkeeper? Many people inquire of my freelance bookkeeping services, while I am shopping, since they recognize or notice my services based on my company name.

While going door to door, ask for the manager or the business owner, especially while visiting small businesses that are not franchise businesses. Try to make an appointment to sit and talk with someone concerning the freelance bookkeeping services they require. Make sure to leave your business card or a flier.

The internet is impersonal and becoming very common. Many people do appreciate the courtesy of visiting their office to find out how you can help them rather than harassing them with emails and telephone calls.

5. Watch for New Business Openings in Your Area

When new small businesses come into your area, this is the best time to advertise your services door to door. Bring along a welcome basket and then ask if they are in need of your freelance bookkeeping services.

6. Word of Mouth

Ask your clients to pass on the word about the services you offer. I have found many clients for my small bookkeeping business in such a manner. Having a client recommend your services to others is very flattering and will always be one of the best sources of new clients.

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